Sample Sunday: Did I Tell You to Marry Him?

Hey there! Happy Sunday. I'm still on the high of Destiny Fulfilled. Have you read it yet? If you have, please leave a review. I know I sound like a broken record, but reviews help me with exposure. Countless hours and resources go into producing a book. I love it but it is still work. … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Did I Tell You to Marry Him?

Sample Sunday: Dinner + Jazz

Hey! I think I've told you before that some of my readers would like me to compile a cookbook based on the recipes in my books. Now, while that is definitely not my ministry, I can showcase them and share recipes. Which is what we gonna do today. Mustafa is a jazz head, and that … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Dinner + Jazz

Sample Sunday: Good Food +Rest

Hey there! For sample Sunday, I decided to share a recipe. One Sunday morning, Isoken woke up to make a plantain frittata and rest. She had a big week coming up. But comes Tekena. LOL. No, I'm not sharing what happened...just the recipe for this simple Nigerian breakfast. Image from Google. No rights to … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Good Food +Rest