Invisible Shackles Novels

So now I’ll break his yoke bar from you, And I will tear off your shackles.” Nahum 1:13

Being in a prison isn’t always about the physical location of a 5 by 7 cell. Often times as humans, we are also shackled by invisible chains that hinder our progress. When we hold on to the baggage of the past, we become bound in place. Stagnated by our bitterness. Existing and not necessarily living.

These invisible shackles are silent killers that are manifested in distrust of others, the damaged good syndrome, unresolved feelings, replaying the past on repeat cycle.

The only way to get over it is to 1. Accept it. 2. Leave it in the past. 3. Recognize the Triggers 4. Find a way to move on.



My next set of books is a two book series titled Invisible Shackles.

The series will tell the story of two sisters: Itohan and Isoken(Keni) Adolo. Each book is a complete stand alone story. The Adolo sisters deals with emotional baggage that threaten to destroy them and the happiness they desperately desire but afraid to have.

The first book is To Live Again featuring Osaro and Itohan  is now avaiolble.  Read more here

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