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Sample Sunday: I’m Not That Broke

Hey there! Today is the anniversary for one of my favorite couples in the U. N Universe. Ayanti & Mensah. They are an unlikely pair. He's a pastor of Calvary Is The Way church. Headquartered in Accra with a branch in Atlanta. She's an embattled popstar who's reeling from pain the church and man has… Continue reading Sample Sunday: I’m Not That Broke

Bookish Stuff

2022: A Recap…Kind Of

Hey there! We're at the end of another year. I'm always in awe of how the days just run by and bam...the year is ended. I wasn't going to do a recap, didn't feel up to it. But I've done one every year, and despite my how my heart feels, I didn't want this year… Continue reading 2022: A Recap…Kind Of

Bookish Stuff

Connections Thursday: The Danjumas

Hey there! Missed last week's episode of #ConnectionsThursday but we're back. So, we've pretty much covered the standalones. Today, I'll be introducing the first family of the U.N Universe, the Danjumas. Four companion books make up the Danjumas plus one cousin book. To know more about the books and the Danjumas, Click here. Because they… Continue reading Connections Thursday: The Danjumas