Sample Sunday: Are You Confused?

I'm so excited.! First of all welcome to another #SampleSunday. Why am I happy you ask? Ha! Well, TO BREATHE AGAIN has been uploaded to all the online book platforms. Now we're just sitting back and waiting on February 12th baby! Final word count 88K+. This book my friends is a big book. So savor … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Are You Confused?

Focus + Mood Music

Hope you enjoyed the Sample from yesterday. If you didn't see it. check it out here... For this year, just like the last. I have a word for the year and it is FOCUS. I spent a lot of last year distracted and quite frankly afraid of the uncertainty of the pandemic. My creativity suffered … Continue reading Focus + Mood Music

My Road to Publication: My Story

So I got an email over the weekend asking for this so I am publishing it again. As I read through it now some years later, I have a follow up which I have to write soon. But for now...this is my story. One of my favorite quotes is by Laurel Bleadon-Maffei and it says, … Continue reading My Road to Publication: My Story