Nnu o, E kaabo, Maraba!

Come on in, by the way, that’s ‘welcome’ in the three main Nigerian languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.  Are you new here? Glad to have you.

I write Christian, Sweet & Inspirational Contemporary romance with African flavor. My characters are ‘Africa made and Diaspora assembled.’ Therefore, my books are set between an African country and the Diaspora. In my stories, I fuse faith, romance with a sprinkling of African spice. Readers get to see a bit of my Nigerian culture and African culture as a whole in messages of faith, hope & love.

My stories have been described as “real, deeply emotional, raw and honest Christian romances featuring characters who feel authentic and have compassion because of their experiences.”

My offer to you…

  • Edification through messages of redemption & hope.
  • Stress relief and an escape through humor and entertaining family dynamics.
  • A way in to see different African cultures through music, food, style, language, sight & sounds not seen in mainstream media.
  • Sensual, chemistry laden stories WITHOUT having “a door.” Open or closed.

If you’ve read one or more of my novels, I consider you to be part of my expanding family. I’m grateful for your support. Do me a favor, tell your friends. Sharing is Caring. I invite you to be part of my Afro Luv Bug family. Subscribe to my newsletter and get the free story Molasses. While you’re at it, follow this blog so you don’t miss a post.

 Come along with me as we talk faith, romance and the spice of Africa wrapped in the pages of my books.

Blessing Always


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Tweede Kans Cove

Tweedes Kans Cove is a fictional city appearing in the Unoma Nwankwor Universe. It is the home of the DuBois- Arazi family. First appearing in 2019 with A Promise Fulfilled.

Region: Tweede Kans Cove is a prosperous small town in the Northern part of Africa. It is located in Morocco. It’s has a narrow oval entrance within a larger bay. The town is bordered by Morocco’s middle Atlas Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. Ifrane is more widely known and is about fifty miles south of Tweedes Kans Cove. To get to Tweedes Kans Cove, you have to land in Marrakesh, take a train to Meknes, a taxi to Ifrane and Tweedes Kans Cove is a three hour drive.

Climate: Because of it’s location, the town is known for cold winters, warm summers. Av high is 48-48.9F or 12.5-9.4 C. Snow starts falling early. Because of its Alpine feel, tiled chalets, and snowbound winters, the town has also inherited the name “Morocco’s Switzerland.” A name that is also coined for the bigger city of Ifrane.

History: The small town was founded in the late 1800’s. Legend has it that a Moroccan servant of the King, had an affair with a French colonial master’s daughter. Though they were of different backgrounds and religions, love prevailed. The lady ended up converting the man to Christianity. One day the king found out. It caused an uproar in the palace. But instead of killing the servant, the King banished him. The young woman followed her true love. They found a small land and built their family. They named the town TWEEDES KANS COVE which means SECOND CHANCE in Afrikaans.

Population as at last census in 2015 was 128,903. Just like the larger country of Morocco, the town has French, Spanish and West African culture as it’s influences. French and Moroccan being more dominant.

Language spoken is Arabic, French or Berber. The cuisine is Moorish, French and Mediterranean. Currency is Dirham

Religion: Tweedes Kans Cove is a Christian town. It’s predominant denomination is Catholic (because of it’s French origin)with one main church: St. John Catholic Church. However over the years, many other denominations have been born.

Government: Tweedes Kans Cove has a Mayor and is governed under the larger province of Fes-Meknes. The town has one local television station, a police station, and a major hospital.

Education: The average person in Tweedes Kans Cove has a college education. The town follows the primary, secondary and university system. The prestigious Tweede Kans Cove University (TKCU) is located in the western part of the town.

Economy: It’s primary industry is the hospitality/service industry. Many of the residents are employed with Grand Amour, the luxury spa & resort owned by the DuBois- Arazi family.

Also tourism is a huge industry for Tweedes

Issues: The town struggles every year to keep it authenticity. Fighting off developers that want to take advantage of them. They also struggle with increase in the cost of living, as people who come to the town, end up with vacation homes thereby driving the cost of living up.

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