Faith. Romance. African Spice.

Nnu o, E kaabo, Maraba!

Come on in, by the way, that’s ‘welcome’ in the three main Nigerian languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.  Are you new here? Glad to have you.

I write Christian and Sweet Contemporary romance with African flavor.

My books are set between African countries and the Diaspora. And my stories are described as a fusion of faith, romance with a sprinkling of African spice. Readers get to see a bit of my culture fused into the message of faith, hope & love.

If you’ve read one or more of my novels I consider you to be part of my expanding family. I’m grateful for your support. Do me a favor, tell your friends. Sharing is Caring.

I invite you to be part of my Afro Luv Bug family. Click on the group of women on the right hand side of your screen and sign up for Unoma’s Updates.

 Come along with me as we talk faith, romance and the spice of African wrapped in the pages of my books.

Blessing Always


All materials in this blog is protected under copyright  laws. The rights solely belong to me, Unoma Nwankwor. Not to be used without my express permission. Thanks!!

59 thoughts on “Welcome”

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my online home. My book will be available on Kindle when it is released worldwide Aug 6th. I could remind you if you don’t mind. Thanks for the support.

  1. I’m so eager to read these books, but how do we get them if we can’t buy from Amazon? Is there a way to buy a pdf version?

    1. Hello Hannah, Thank you for your interest in my work. My first novel would be in Patabah Book Store in Lagos before the end of the year.The other book is e book only, so I’m still working on that part.

  2. Hi unoma,
    Im still reading an unexpected blessing…. its really interesting and engaging. I find myself smiling at feranmi… i think we are kinda similar. Lol
    Good job on that book.
    When is Amarachi debuting?

    1. Hi Nike,
      Thank you for your support of my work! I’m glad you are enjoying An Unexpected Blessing. Feranmi’s story is one that many can relate too. Amarachi would be available by the end of Spring.

    1. Hi Nneka,
      Thanks for your inquiry. When it is available there I will be sure to let you know. Is there any bookshop there you can recommend?

  3. Thanks for the autographed copy. Such privileges don’t come all the time. Will start reading it as soon as i settle inflight. Interesting synopsis so far.

  4. Hi Unoma, I just finished reading your book Unexpected blessing. I loved it and it was so good. I would love to read your other books but they are not available on kobobooks. Will you have on Kobobooks soon?

    1. Hi Mbuyi,
      Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. As of now my other books are not on Kobo, only on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and print as well. You know you can download the Kindle App on your PC and still read the books in case you don’t have a Kindle.
      Thanks Again!
      Please consider leaving a review on Amazon and I will work on getting the other titles on Kobo

  5. Having read all your books, I can’t wait for December to come just to get a hold of the next. Wish you all the best and God’s blessings as you continue to inspire us with your writing.

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Thank you so much for your compliment and buying my books. I’m working hard to get Rasheed and Ibiso from A Scoop Of Love to you.

  6. Hello ma’am!
    Great site!
    We connected on Nigerian writers on facebook sometime back and I clicked on a link on twitter and here am I.
    Great work ma. God bless you and grant you more grace…

  7. I am about to finish A Scoop of Love & can attest that this is another wonderful exhibit of your excellent penmanship. I so look forward to the next books in this series. Lots of blessings as you write on.

  8. Hello ma’am. It was an awesome delight having
    you with us here @ Patabah Books, Lagos,
    Nigeria. Your book-reading/signing session
    was so scintillating; I was enthralled. More power to your elbow, and I pray you’re continually renewed by God’s divine

    For the records, I was the photographer @
    today’s book-reading. It was nice meeting you ma’am.

      1. Good afternoon ma’am. Sorry for responding late as regards the photographs of the other day. I was actually hoping that Patabah Books will upload them on their Facebook Page (which they already have). However, if you want more pictures, I will appreciate if you can send me an email so I can send directly to you via email.

        Thanks and have a good day.

      2. Hi David, thanks for the offer but never mind. I already have pictures my own photographer took. Thanks again. Send me your email so I can refer you to a friend that will be in Nigeria soon, she needs a photographer

  9. Hello! Big fan of unexpected blessing, didn’t want the book to end I wish there were a part 2!
    I was wondering where I can buy all your books (paperback) as amazon only have a few? (UK)

    1. Hello Sherice! Im so glad you liked An Unexpected Blessing. At this time there is no part 2 planned maybe some time in the future. Please could you leave me a review on Amazon.
      Also you can get When You Let Go in paperback on Amazon UK. For A Scoop of Love and Anchored By Love, Im working with the company to put it in Paperback on Amazon but then you can order them at my website…www.unwankwor.com

  10. Read 3 of your books and they are amazing. Well written and structured with the essence of God words. How did you manage to fit them in the story for each character? Cannot wait for book number 3.

    Any plans for us that have been married for years and looking for that kind of love? We are still searching we need help too.

    1. My books are only available in Lagos at this time. If you have a bookstore that you go to in Abia let me know and I will contact them. You can also get my books on Okadabooks.com

  11. Hi Unoma,
    I have enjoyed reading every of novels. They have been such good reads and real blessing to me. God bless you more. When are you releasing your next book?

    1. Hi Folakemi,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. I appreciate your support. My next novel will be out in March. Check under the books section of the blog to read all about the Invisible Shackles series.

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