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Sample Sunday: Zaina + Mustafa (A Destiny Fulfilled Glimpse)

Hey there! I'm a little late with the Sample today. Today's post is a little different, this only applies to you if you're a newsletter subscriber and read the glimpse. Until Next Time, Peace & Blessings Unoma

Samples & Teasers

#TeaserTuesday: Bittersweet Beginnings

Hey there! This will be our last excerpt for the Suitors & Sweethearts box set. I hope you've already purchased your copy. Today we are reading a little something from Nkem Akin. Enjoy! EXCERPT FROM BITTERSWEET BEGINNING BY NKEM AKIN Benin City. July 31, 1999. 11pmEfe looked around the Hall Two common room and wondered… Continue reading #TeaserTuesday: Bittersweet Beginnings

Samples & Teasers

#TeaserTuesday: The One That Got Away

Hey there! The Suitors & Sweethearts Box Set is now available. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from another contributing author, Zee Monodee Enjoy! EXCERPT FROM THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY BY ZEE MONODEELost in her thoughts, she rounded a corner of the hall, slamming into someone’s side. Disoriented and dizzy with confusion at the jolting… Continue reading #TeaserTuesday: The One That Got Away