For Readers

Hey Afro Luv Bugs!

Nnu o, E kaabo, Maraba!

Are you new here? Glad to have you. By the way, that’s ‘welcome’ in the three main Nigerian languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

Since you’re here, then you must know I write contemporary romance with African flavor. My stories are either Christian, Sweet with Christian elements or Inspirational. My characters are ‘Africa made and Diaspora assembled.’ Therefore, my books are set between an African country and the Diaspora. In my stories, I fuse faith, romance with a sprinkling of African spice. Readers get to see a bit of my Nigerian culture and other African cultures in messages of faith, hope & love.

My stories have been described as “real, deeply emotional, raw and honest Christian romances featuring characters who feel authentic and have compassion because of their experiences.”

Through my stories I offer you…

  • Edification through messages of redemption & hope.
  • Stress relief and an escape through humor and entertaining family dynamics.
  • A way in to see different African cultures through music, food, style, language, sight & sounds not seen in mainstream media.
  • Sensual, chemistry laden stories WITHOUT having “a door.” Open or closed.

You’re invited to be part of my Afro Luv Bug family.

What You Can Expect as an Afro Bug

  • An immersive experience in the U. N Joint. My book lounge, a place you can go to supplement your reading experience.

Do me a favor, tell your friends. Sharing is Caring. To receive more news & updates join my tribe and get an exclusive collection of stories, Molasses. One last thing, while you’re at it, follow this blog so you don’t miss a post.

Come along with me as we talk faith, romance and the spice of Africa wrapped in the pages of my books.

Blessing Always


All materials in this blog is protected under copyright laws. The rights solely belong to me, Unoma Nwankwor. Not to be used without my express permission. Thanks!!

59 thoughts on “For Readers”

  1. Hi Unoma,
    I have enjoyed reading every of novels. They have been such good reads and real blessing to me. God bless you more. When are you releasing your next book?

    1. Hi Folakemi,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. I appreciate your support. My next novel will be out in March. Check under the books section of the blog to read all about the Invisible Shackles series.

    1. My books are only available in Lagos at this time. If you have a bookstore that you go to in Abia let me know and I will contact them. You can also get my books on

  2. Read 3 of your books and they are amazing. Well written and structured with the essence of God words. How did you manage to fit them in the story for each character? Cannot wait for book number 3.

    Any plans for us that have been married for years and looking for that kind of love? We are still searching we need help too.

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