Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

All Back To School preparations done. Now that the kids are now in their second week of in person learning.(I'm feverently praying things keep sailing smoothly), I can pick my manuscript back up. I'm still looking for the perfect stock for a cover but I can share with you an unedited sample from #DestinyFulfilled. I'm … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.

Happy Mother's Day. Mothers, grandmothers and mother figures play a huge world in the U. N World. They are jewels which is also the same for mothers all over the world. For today's sample, I'm featuring a unique duo, Tekena & his childhood nanny, Nana Rubi from To Breathe Again. Tekena still has a living … Continue reading Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.

Pretend Bae is LIVE!

The last book in the Billionaire Pact series is now LIVE. They’ve been best friends since high school. Then they crossed the line. To salvage their friendship, Brice settles for what Imani has to offer. That’s until she decides it’s time to offer her heart to an outsider...Will they miss what IS, focusing on what … Continue reading Pretend Bae is LIVE!