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Listening to Bishop T D Jakes latest book, Destiny, he said something that caught my attention. “In the pursuit of Destiny, the key question is, are you willing to endure the pain of the process or settle for the mediocrity of the status quo”

It hit the nail on the head for what I know I have a passion for…being a Champion of Purpose

So you know your passion and purpose,next stop…destiny. Then all of a sudden you find yourself stuck in the middle of the road. Fret not, it happens to us all. I’m living proof that you do sometimes get weary on that road. You can’t see the tunnel so what hope is there of seeing the light at the end of it?

I can help. I have a passion for empowering Christianprenuers to move past the stagnation of their uncertainty. By equipping them to walk with confident expectations in the promises of God.

Push Through the Process. Glow in the Dark #Push&Glow



Unoma is a pragmatic and inspiring down-to-earth speaker with a perfect blend of real talk + humor. Despite being an introvert, she connects instantly with her audience simply with her passion and authenticity ~ Mofoluwaso Ilevbare, Founder, Women Connected By Purpose

The tag team teaching Queens! Mrs. Unoma & Mrs. Nigeria are the disciplined iron that sharpens iron as a natural second nature. They began sowing into the spiritual entrepreneur in me as soon as I crossed their paths. Their class only further prepared me for the path that God has ahead for me. It’s the gift that will keep giving. If you lack discipline, direction or are simply teachable; be prepared to walk into your destiny with clarity, confidence and a better sense of your calling. God is pleased with how I used my time learning from you ladies. Until we meet again Queens. ~Ms. Erika LèSha “Poetic Testimonies” Erika Press LLC

You were awesome as a speaker. Very inspirational. I didn’t know you were that hilarious either. God bless you as you continue to walk in your purpose. ~TOSINGER (Musician)

Unoma’s honesty and spiritual perspective often helped me see things in another perspective. Her expertise and knowledge of the Bible was inspiring. I loved listening to her stories and vivid examples during our many morning conversations. I love the fact that she is a successful author and her writing skills can be shared by everyone.~Tosi Ufodike CEO My Good Nanny, Founder of Dare To Aspire

Purpose is a blessing and I have had the honor of watching Unoma truly fulfill her purpose. She inspires me on a daily basis. With her as an inspiration I’m pushed daily towards my goals. I gain a sense of energy from her drive and determination! I am truly blessed to call such an accomplished woman family!~Donielle Ojeah, Event Planner



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