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Sample Sunday: Dinner + Jazz

Hey! I think I've told you before that some of my readers would like me to compile a cookbook based on the recipes in my books. Now, while that is definitely not my ministry, I can showcase them and share recipes. Which is what we gonna do today. Mustafa is a jazz head, and that… Continue reading Sample Sunday: Dinner + Jazz

Samples & Teasers

Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

All Back To School preparations done. Now that the kids are now in their second week of in person learning.(I'm feverently praying things keep sailing smoothly), I can pick my manuscript back up. I'm still looking for the perfect stock for a cover but I can share with you an unedited sample from #DestinyFulfilled. I'm… Continue reading Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

Bookish Stuff

Let Me Talk to You…Please

Hey there! I got back my edits for a Promise Fulfilled and I'm comfortable enough to put it up for pre-order. There isn't a lot to clean up at all. As at the time of this blog post, I'm 95% done. Yay! This has been quite a busy year for me. My editor LOVES the… Continue reading Let Me Talk to You…Please