The DuBois-Arazis Of Tweede Kans Cove

Meet the Dubois- Arazis.

The DuBois-Arazis hail from Tweede Kans Cove. Tweede Kans Cove or Tweedes for short, is a small town in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains. Learn more about Tweede Kans Cove here

The DuBois – Arazis are descendants of French expatriates who migrated to Morocco in the early 1900s.

The Patriarch and Matriarch of the family are the late Sir Marcelle & Lady Olivia DuBois. Their only daughter, Bella, married a full blooded Moroccan from the Arazi family.

DuBois is a French name that means “wood”, literally it means comes from the woods. While Arazi is a Hebrew/Arabic name meaning “cedar tree. ” The values of this family are Growth, Strength in Roots, & a Strong Foundation.

The family owns the Grand Amour luxury resort & spas which is run by the four grand-children.

Mustafa DuBois-Arazi– Chairman & Managing Director, Grand Amour

Yasmine DuBois- Arazi– General Manager & Director of Operations, Grand Amour

Omar DuBois- Arazi– Food & Beverages Director, Grand Amour

Salma DuBois- Arazi– Guest Services & Activities Director, Grand Amour

They will be the main characters in the DuBois-Arazi family series…

Book I: A Promise Fulfilled: A Tweede Kans Christmas (Yasmine & Kojo’s story). Click here

Book II: Destiny Fulfilled (Mustafa & Zaina’s story) Click here

Book III: Salma’s Story Coming Fall 2023

Book IV: Omar’s Story TBA