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#TuesdayTeasers: Most Eligible Bachelor

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Happy Valentines Day!

The Suitors & Sweethearts Box Set is now in the world!! It’s a week old today and still on sale for $0.99. Go get your copy because honestly, I have no idea when the price will go up to $3.99. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from another contributing author, Empi Baryeh.



“Hi, Lord, uh, Mr. McKenzie, my name is Chantelle Sah. I’m—”
“Hello, Chantelle. What can I do you for?”
His voice possessed a rich timbre, which coupled with his choice of words, evoked images of two bodies intertwined in passionate encounters. An unexpected thrill galloped up her spine.
Whoa, what the hell was that? Clearly, her self-imposed celibacy could use some reinforcement. She forced a smile, taking a second to compose herself.
“You could grant me an interview.” Good girl. Keep your mind on business.
“Did I win something?”
“Well, you were voted Most Eligible Bachelor by readers of Odopa magazine.”
He gave a soft melodious laugh. “I hate that.”
She frowned, taken aback. “You—pardon?”
“Do you know how much trouble you put me in by naming me Most Eligible Bachelor?”
If by ‘trouble’ he meant more girls than he could bed, then yes, she knew. Well, she could only guess.
“Maybe you can clarify things in the interview.”
Silence followed as if he were contemplating her offer. “Tell me, Chantelle Sah, are you single?”
“Yes, but I don’t—”
Why on Earth would she say yes? An embarrassing warmth crept over her cheeks. Thank goodness this conversation wasn’t face-to-face. A flustered image wouldn’t make a good first impression. She should have rehearsed this call. Now she’d given him an upper hand, no matter how remote.
“Great. Why don’t you escort me to Afrodite tonight?”
She frowned. “The nightclub?”
He chuckled. “Yes, the nightclub. I’m having a Valentine’s party there. Surely, you must have heard.”
Yes, she’d heard. For weeks now, Lord McKenzie’s VIP party had dominated both traditional and social media. While technically open to the public, the venue—one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the city—and the ticket price restricted the party to the crème de la crème.
“Well …”
She didn’t want a date. Particularly not tonight. However, if he was willing to grant her an audience, what choice did she have? She couldn’t let the opportunity slip through her fingers.

Don’t forget to get your copy today.


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