Sons of Ishmael Series ~ The Danjuma Brothers

Our circumstances in life can change quickly, and sometimes for the worse. That is when we should draw near to God and seek his wisdom and strength. We may be tempted to become bitter when bad things happen, but that never helps. Only by following direction from God can we get through those valley experiences.

This series tells the story of 3 men, whose lives took an unexpected turn when their father made a decision that molded the rest of their life. Follow Rasheed, Jabir & Kamal; the Danjuma brothers as they try to live in the present still harboring pain from the past and the ladies that will finally make them see that it is best to let go.


When you met the Danjumas. you’ll meet their sister, Halima who was instrumental in their lives. She had her own happily ever after. Then year’s later, we get to meet an unexpected family member during Christmas.

Danjuma Family Tree

Danjuma Family Businesses/Ventures

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