Praise for Unoma’s Books.

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You can find all my reviews on Amazon but here are just a few

  1. “Unoma Nwankwor has penned a sweet romance with an important message about love and acceptance. She’s definitely a writer to watch.” ~Rhonda McKnight, Black Expressions Bestselling Author of What Kind of Fool and An Inconvenient Friend.
  2. Unoma has woven a compelling story of regret, forgiveness, love and God’s amazing grace in this beautifully written novel. Anchored By Love is poignant. Engaging, a great read -that cleverly demonstrates how God is able to use the most horrific situations and turn them around for his grace. Five stars! ~Abi Dare, Author of The Girl With The Louding Voice NYT Bestseller.
  3. “What woman hasn’t felt the pangs of unfulfilled desire? In An Unexpected Blessing, Unoma Nwankwor weaves deception, cultures and the intrigue of love for a romantic journey that spans two continents and challenges the cornerstone of faith.”~ Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, best-selling author of The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box
  4. “I read the novel and I must admit I loved it very, very much. I look forward to reading your next novel.”~ Diane Ndaba, reviewer Africa Book Club
  5.  “Such a beautiful story had me over here in tears!”~ Yvette Bentley of Words to Life LLC
  6. “I really enjoyed the story. It’s a story that readers will enjoy.” ~Sherri L. Lewis Essence Magazine Bestselling author.
  7. Africa Book Club 
  8. “Unoma sets up each scene in When You Let Go with an emotional punch that will keep your heart racing to the finish line. Warning: You will lose sleep trying to get there!” ~Pat Simmons, award-winning author of The Guilty series.
  9. “I love how Unoma Nwankwor weaves the distinctive, spicy flavor of West Africa into her novels. In When You Let Go, feel right at home with the food, pidgin English, quirky expressions, and cultural norms. I’m also enjoying watching her grow as an author. ~Sherri L. Lewis, Bestselling Author and Missionary
  10. Unoma Nwankwor is a master at infusing her contemporary romances with her African roots. Not only do we get a great story, but we also learn something about the African culture. Winning!~ Brenda Larnell, Romance In Color.

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