In the Dark

Life never goes according to plan. However never stop believing miracles happen everyday.  When thrust against the waves of uncertainty do you hold on or do you let go? In your dark place, where does your confidence lie? Do you trust God enough to guide you through your wilderness season?

Filled with undisguised testimony, biblical references and in your face realism, In The Dark takes you on an insightful journey through the captivity of Judah. This book will leave you equipped with tools and tips needed to help you glow #inthedark by maintaining confident expectations for today and tomorrow.

Copy of “For You light my lamp; The LORD my God illumines my darkness.”Psalms_ _18_28_(1)

Are you waiting on that job, spouse, child, business deal or breath through? Then you need to speak, write, believe and wait on God to manifest His promises.
Jeremiah, Moses, Hannah, Abraham many others were able to survive the trials and temptations of their wilderness season of by clinging to the promises of God through faith.
The Confident Expectations Journal contains

🖊 40 days of praise/worship song suggestions and hopeful promises that will help you strategically defeat the enemy’s plan of sowing doubt in your dark place.
🖊 It also provide space for you to write personalized prayers.
🖊 Record your testimonies in accordance to the fulfillment of His promise.
The Confident Expectations Journal helps you tap into and memorize those promises of God in #confidentexpectation of good things to come. God’s Light Opens Windows In The Dark. Get Ready to G.L.O.WInTheDark


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