Cover & Title Reveal: Book 2 Away to Africa

Hey there! Life has been lifing and I've just been along for the ride. A few weeks ago, I was able to start writing again. So, the second book in the Away to Africa series is coming along nicely. I thought now is a good time to reveal the cover, title and release date. Drum … Continue reading Cover & Title Reveal: Book 2 Away to Africa

Sample Sunday: You Made Your Point

Hey there! Happy Sunday. Did you know I have a new book out? If you didn't no worries and no time like the present to get it. I'm sharing another sample today. Readers are in love with Mustafa and Zaina and I'm sure you'll be too. Check them out... Zaina turned her eyes to Mustafa, … Continue reading Sample Sunday: You Made Your Point

Connections Thursday

Hey there! It occurred to me that I have some new subscribers and followers. First, I'll like to say welcome. Second, I'll like to formally tell you about my writing/stories. I write intriguing, heartfelt romances centered around faith, family and the spice of Africa.Family is a dominant theme in my books and while all books … Continue reading Connections Thursday