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BTB: Luxe Noir

Hey there! I often get the question: "How did you come up with this book?" Or some variation of it. So, I'm starting a new series called Behind the Book. Here I go a little deeper into the thought process that led up to or have something to do with my fictional universe, which I… Continue reading BTB: Luxe Noir

Samples & Teasers

Sample Sunday: This is Crazy

Hey! Happy Sunday. A couple of days ago, I revealed the cover of A Suitable Wife. I believe you'll enjoy this one last hurrah with the Kalu family as much as I am enjoying writing it. Who am I kidding? I know we might see them again in cameos but for now, this is their… Continue reading Sample Sunday: This is Crazy

Samples & Teasers

Sample Sunday: I Messed Up

Hey there! Happy Sunday, it's promo time. I'm making great progress with the last book in the Away to Africa series, A Suitable Wife. Today I'll share the first sample. Handing my phone over, I instructed her to put her address in my GPS. Looking back, I saw Uju was slumped in slumber. Her headphones… Continue reading Sample Sunday: I Messed Up