The UN Joint

Joint (n): a point at which parts of a structure are joined.

This is the dictionary definition of a joint. In Nigeria, “a joint” is slang for a place of relaxation where people gather to talk and have a nice time over food & drinks. I have a group on Facebook with the same name, however with the way things are constantly changing on social media, I’ve decided to carve out a place for readers to get early access to what I’m working on and find complementary content/references to add to their reading experience.

The U.N. Joint is my subscription-based community on Patreon. Launch date to be announced.

First of all, my eternal gratitude. Writing is hard work, and your love and support never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you so much for being here with me and supporting me in this way

According to tier, you’ll get:

  1. Early access to character profiles.
  2. Connectivity map between books.
  3. First look of settings & story boards
  4. Glimpses (n) a momentary or partial view into the lives of the characters you love.
  5. Exclusive Serials (when applicable)
  6. First dibs on ARCs
  7. A signed copy of the most recent paperback/hardcover release(s) and or special edition releases.
  8. Customized stickers
  9. Monthly Backlist book chat (via Zoom when subscribers hit 5)
  10. Expectant Living teaching