#WCW: Nse Lawson

Hey there! So, during the weekend, I read a book about a footballer injuring himself during a game. Then he later fell in love with his physiotherapist. If you've been here a while, this sounds familiar. Right? Well, if not, my 2017 release Mended With Love has that plot line running through it. Both stories … Continue reading #WCW: Nse Lawson

Sample Sunday: We’re Doing This My Way

Hi there! I've been absent but I've been working. I'm now at a place where I can share the first sample for my upcoming book Rent A Bae. What I wanted to be a novella, has turned into a full blown novel. For the first time, I'm writing in first person POV. I like it, … Continue reading Sample Sunday: We’re Doing This My Way

Connections Thursday: The Danjumas

Hey there! Missed last week's episode of #ConnectionsThursday but we're back. So, we've pretty much covered the standalones. Today, I'll be introducing the first family of the U.N Universe, the Danjumas. Four companion books make up the Danjumas plus one cousin book. To know more about the books and the Danjumas, Click here. Because they … Continue reading Connections Thursday: The Danjumas