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Missed this last week. My bad, I've been really on the go but we are back. This week in hope & my fiction, I want to focus on the Rices. In The Christmas Ultimatum, Olanma & Abayomi were brought together and fell in love fast. Theirs was a story of a whirlwind romance in spite… Continue reading GOODREADFRIDAY: HOPE & MY FICTION EP.2

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A Blank Slate: Clarity Vs Trust

Happy New Year again! No matter how you brought in the new year, whether on your couch like me and my family or in the church or out on the town. At one point or the other, you probably ¬†thought about what the future holds. I never do resolutions because first off I never keep… Continue reading A Blank Slate: Clarity Vs Trust

My Musings

Light Out of Darkness

Hey there! Just a quick note of encouragement for you... There's a Nigerian proverb that says "No matter how long the night, day will still break" You get that? No matter what the process looks like Trust it. Have the courage to keep moving forward. It's only through the darkness you can see the stars… Continue reading Light Out of Darkness