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A Blank Slate: Clarity Vs Trust

Happy New Year again!

No matter how you brought in the new year, whether on your couch like me and my family or in the church or out on the town. At one point or the other, you probably  thought about what the future holds.

I never do resolutions because first off I never keep them past the third day of the year but more than that they are a compete wast of paper for me. LOL. I’m still me just with different goals. So I like to set goals instead. What I have found out is, whether you set goals or resolutions, behind them, there’s that question again… “What does the future hold?” Will life get in the way of you accomplishing what you want or will everything be smooth sailing.

Ha! Now we know it can’t be smooth sailing but at least something close. In the midst of those bumps along the road, we often pray for clarity. “God please just  show me how I’m supposed to do this thing so I can stay on course.” But is clarity always the best? Disclaimer: I’m not taking about walking blind and not having somewhat of a road map.

When does seeking clarity become an idol? When does your need to have a detailed plan replace your trust and faith in God to guide you through the bumps along the way.


This is a dangerous path to tread. I should know. From Jan 2016 all the way to Nov 2016, when it came to obedience regarding In The Dark and my new ventures.  I kept looking for “clarity”.  Every day I knelt down and asked for clarity. I was clear but I didn’t trust God to work out the kinks along the way. My need for”clarity” interfered with my obedience. It was really fear and my insecurities under disguise.

We’ve been given a blank. You’ve written out your goals.In this new season, the next 364 days, place your trust in Him. Have the #confidentexpectations in His word that He that began a good work in you will perfect it until the end.

Has your quest for clarity hindered you from action?