The Writing Journey


Seven years ago, I released my first baby that is into the world. So it's my 7th year publishing anniversary!!! If you have been following me for a while. You know the story of how I was running from my gift until I found myself needing intensive care mid flight on a business trip.… Continue reading aND ON THE 7TH dAY…

The Writing Journey

5 Years Later, 5 Things I’ve Learned.

Hi there! Today is my fifth anniversary in publishing. In addition to being thankful for you coming on this journey with me, I want to share 3 things I have learned along the way as a published author. First of all, I want you to know that I still consider myself a new author, but… Continue reading 5 Years Later, 5 Things I’ve Learned.

Bookish Stuff


Missed this last week. My bad, I've been really on the go but we are back. This week in hope & my fiction, I want to focus on the Rices. In The Christmas Ultimatum, Olanma & Abayomi were brought together and fell in love fast. Theirs was a story of a whirlwind romance in spite… Continue reading GOODREADFRIDAY: HOPE & MY FICTION EP.2