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Missed this last week. My bad, I’ve been really on the go but we are back.

This week in hope & my fiction, I want to focus on the Rices. In The Christmas Ultimatum, Olanma & Abayomi were brought together and fell in love fast. Theirs was a story of a whirlwind romance in spite of a rocky beginning. They later went on to have a fairytale wedding. One you would expect rich young people with wealthy backgrounds to have. However, we met them again five years later in The Final Ultimatum and they are not so happy. Apparently the  romance and big weddings are all they are good at. The marriage,not so much.


What happens when the love they shared goes oh so bad? Olanma was convinced love was the devil. Will Abayomi be able to prove her wrong? After a whirlwind romance and a fairytale wedding, the Rices are having a hard time having a happy marriage.
On a trip to SA to give it one last go, they are met with dangerous situation that has the whole family bonded in prayer for safety.
Love, betrayals, sacrifice and redemption all wrapped into a delightful tale. The Rices have all but given up on a favorable end for their marriage until they surrendered to the Author and Finisher of their faith.

You can find The Ultimatum Series on all major online bookstores and in print.

Pick up both books and take a trip to South Africa for less than $7 🙂



Friday GoodReads :The Final Ultimatum

Olanma and Abayomi Rice’s marriage is about to end in divorce. To please their families, they must pretend to be a happy couple one last time. Their farce leads to unexpected healing of their hearts, but then life throws another wrench in the plan. An ultimatum brought them together and now one threatens to tear them apart. Will they ever be able to get it together?

The Christmas Ultimatum (1)

Coming really soon.

Have a great weekend and pick up a Book By Unoma and wind down.

Be Blessed



It’s Been a Great Year. Welcome to 2015


I want to thank you – my readers and friends for a wonderful 2014. I appreciate you reading my books, your reviews and spreading the word.
I’m excited about 2015 and the release of 2 books – unless something changes and I write a novella in there – A Scoop of Love (January), Anchored By Love (November). I hope you’ll enjoy the Danjuma men as much as I enjoyed writing them.
I wish you the best in the New Year.



Holiday Contest. Enter To Win!


Contest Rules:

  • Contest begins at time of posting and ends Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Any submissions after this time are disqualified.
  • In order to be eligible for a prize, participants must submit the correct answers to all scavenger hunt questions via email to unwankwor@kevstelgroup.com with the subject, “Scavenger Hunt”
  • Contestants will be entered to win $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s Gift Card. 3 winners will be selected!


  1. What school did Feranmi attend?
  2. What was Feranmi’s brother’s name?
  3. Where did Feranmi and Alex first meet?
  4. What was the Feranmi eating when Alex came barging in from Chicago?
  5. What finally brought Alex and Feranmi back together?
  6. What is the meaning of Amarachi?
  7. What did Amara want most in the world?
  8. How did Ejike and Amara first meet?
  9. What did Ejike walk in on when he went in search of Amara in Atlanta?
  10. What made Amara finally forgive her husband and cousin?
  11. Where was Olanma headed for Christmas?
  12. Where did she end up for Christmas and why?
  13. What does Olanma mean?
  14. How did Olanma and Abayomi first meet?
  15. What made Olanma finally forgive her father?


What are the names of the hero and heroine of the upcoming release A Scoop Of Love?

Winners will be announced 12/26/14 by 7 p m EST on my Facebook page.I might give away some bonuses…so just play 🙂