#Throwback Spotlight: The Adolo Sisters

Hey there! Did you know that the Invisible Shackles series is still FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Today, I'm gonna spotlight the sisters, Itohan & Isoken For years, she's had one goal in mind. Revenge…Her quest is finally within reach, however the satisfaction she feels is short lived when she discovers the plan will also destroy … Continue reading #Throwback Spotlight: The Adolo Sisters

Sample Sunday: Don’t Call Me That

Hey there! We have a U. N Universe Anniversary today! Hakeem & Mariama from Second Shot. Those two...phew, it was a struggle to get them to HEA. Here's a sample... Hakeem looked into her hazel eyes and everything he had planned to say all morning disappeared. She pursed her lips and raised her brow.“Don’t call … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Don’t Call Me That

We’re Live!! Rent A Bae is Available

Happy Release Day to me!!! Another book is out in the world. I had fun writing about the Kalu family. Especially Arinze & Jasmine. I hope you enjoy them too. Rent A Bae is now available in ebook. Paperbacks will be out soon. All Arinze wants is to visit Nigeria without returning as a married … Continue reading We’re Live!! Rent A Bae is Available