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Sample Sunday: Are You Confused?

I’m so excited.!

First of all welcome to another #SampleSunday. Why am I happy you ask? Ha! Well, TO BREATHE AGAIN has been uploaded to all the online book platforms.

Now we’re just sitting back and waiting on February 12th baby! Final word count 88K+. This book my friends is a big book. So savor it…LOL

For today’s sample, I figured I’ll take us back to where Isoken & Tekena had their first encounter. This was in To Live Again.

Believe me, they maintained this energy till the very end. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment. Enjoy!

Osaro sat on the barstool next to the island and pulled out his phone to check his email when the doorbell rang. He got up and walked to the living room, but Tekena was already at the door. Osaro held his fisted hand to his mouth to kill his laughter. He was sure his boy forgot the feather thing around his neck and now he had a princess crown on his head.
Osaro leaned against the couch, crossed his legs and folded his arms. He and Itohan had already discussed the probability that Keni was the hostess Tekena was talking about the day he arrived. The coincidence was uncanny. What were the odds that Keni would change her normal flight and end up in the same one Tekena was on? This should be interesting. Tekena opened the door.
“Jehovah is Lord. You! I knew you were crazy, but I wasn’t prepared for this. You’re confused on who you are, too?” Keni shouted, once the door opened fully.
Osaro laughed silently as Tekena hurriedly took off the boa and crown from his head. He stared at Keni with his mouth open. He had yet to move aside so the ladies could enter the house.
“Man, let my woman in the house.” Osaro walked up to the door. The look on Itohan’s face mirrored his as they stared at the pair.
“Oh no, sis.” Tekena said to Itohan after he regained his composure. “Please tell me she’s adopted. Or your parents dropped the ball. How come you have home training and she don’t?”
Itohan giggled. Osaro missed that sound. He took the bag she was carrying and wrapped his other arm around her waist, drawing her to him for a deep kiss. Everyone’s drama had to wait until he satisfied his need.
“Are you talking about me? Hold on, I’m coming.” Keni said to Tekena. “Itoh, stop all that kissing. Where do I put this bag?”
“You gonna do something, Lil bit?” Tekena glared down at Keni.
Everyone watched them. Keni wasn’t short, but Tekena was much taller. Seeing them square up against each other was nothing short of comical.
“Tex man, get the bag from her and come on,” Osaro said.
“What I look like? Let her mouth carry it.” Tekena waved him off and walked in the direction of Osaro’s man cave.
“Big head,” Keni murmured under her breath. “Who wants his help?”

Their story To Breathe Again releases 2/12/21. Preorder here

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    1. I know right. They are hilarious and refreshing. I’m so excited and I already know the story…LOL. I pray you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

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