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Focus + Mood Music

Hope you enjoyed the Sample from yesterday. If you didn’t see it. check it out here…

For this year, just like the last. I have a word for the year and it is FOCUS. I spent a lot of last year distracted and quite frankly afraid of the uncertainty of the pandemic. My creativity suffered but my mind still ran wild jumping on what I assumed were possibilities that weren’t really that.

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The pandemic isn’t gone, neither is the uncertainty but I have decided to control what I focus on. Especially with my writing and stories. My mission has always been to edify, entertain and educate about the beauty of the Continent through stories of hope and love. I’m committed to glancing but not gazing at anything that doesn’t have to do with that mission this year.

Whatever you focus on grows.

Mood Music…yeah, if you’ve read my work, ( wish I hope you have) you know music is a huge part of my process. I normally share music (mainly Afrobeat) contained in the book. This time however, I’ve added music I listened to while writing. Reason is a lot of dope songs came out that can’t be in the book because of the time it was set in. Check them out an enjoy! Don’t forget to pre- order your book here!

You can listen to the playlist and a few more mood songs on Spotify

Have a great week.

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