Sample Sunday: Back Down!

It's Father's Day. I want to shout out all the hard working dads out there! My hubby being one of them. I'm an only girl and a daddy's girl. Although he's is all the way back in Nigeria, I speak to my dad often. I'm so blessed to still have him with me. Today I … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Back Down!

Pretend Bae is LIVE!

The last book in the Billionaire Pact series is now LIVE. They’ve been best friends since high school. Then they crossed the line. To salvage their friendship, Brice settles for what Imani has to offer. That’s until she decides it’s time to offer her heart to an outsider...Will they miss what IS, focusing on what … Continue reading Pretend Bae is LIVE!

Sample Sunday: Are You Confused?

I'm so excited.! First of all welcome to another #SampleSunday. Why am I happy you ask? Ha! Well, TO BREATHE AGAIN has been uploaded to all the online book platforms. Now we're just sitting back and waiting on February 12th baby! Final word count 88K+. This book my friends is a big book. So savor … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Are You Confused?