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Sample Sunday – Mind Ya Business

As we near the release of To Breathe Again on 2/12/21… I’ll be sharing samples and other things. If it’s your jam, enjoy! Also don’t forget to pre order. Here

She admired his décor as she walked through the hallway. Minutes later, she handled her business, washed her hands, and made her way back to the kitchen when she heard Tekena on speaker.
“Hey Ro, what’s up?”
“Hey man, please tell me you ain’t mad enough to do anything to sis.”
Isoken frowned then bugged her eyes remembering she didn’t text Itohan when she got to Tekena’s. With hurried strides, she made her way to the kitchen.
“To whom? Keni?”
“Yes. I have a wife who won’t sleep until she knows her sister is okay.”
Tekena narrowed his eyes at her once she entered the kitchen. She went to her purse and pulled out her phone. She had ten missed calls from Itohan and five messages.
“Man, I ain’t do nothing to this crazy girl.”
“Tex, tell my sister I’m going to injure her myself if she had me worrying for nothing.” Itohan’s voice came through the speakers.
“Come here and dispel whatever you told these folks.” He leaned against the sink and folded his arms against his chest. “Making them think I did something to you.”
“Hey, y’all…my bad sis.”
“Keni—” Itohan began when Osaro cut her off.
“It’s your bad all right. You’re not about to have my wife worried over you and Tex’s issues,” he snapped.
Isoken laughed at him. She was at fault, so she’d let him have it. What surprised her though was when Tekena walked closer to the phone.
“Aye man. Chill out with all that snapping. Sis should’ve known I won’t do anything to her sister.” He grinned. “At least not anything she won’t like.”
Isoken huffed and hit his arm. He had to go spoil his good gesture with reckless talk.
“That’s our cue to let y’all go,” Osaro said.
“Wait, wait, Keni, what are you still doing over there? Isn’t it late?”
“Mind ya business sis. Mind ya business,” Tekena teased.
“Tex, you about to let me put my foot in your behind. But he’s right babe, mind your business,” Osaro said.

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