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Why Christian Fiction?

black-woman-writing-pfSometime last year, when I first decided to use the talent that God had given me to be a Christian fiction author, someone on twitter asked me, “Christian fiction? I never knew something like that existed.” We went back and forth for the next several minutes on how the name is an oxymoron. And what was fictitious about being a Christian. My normal answer is Jesus taught in parables so wala..there you have it. At that time it felt like just enough.

Fast forward to today. With two small kids and a full time job, it’s not always possible to read my bible every day. So I kinda cheat…I listen to it on my way to work. You know the cool app You Version…yeah those folks. I just put my plugs in and listen. I need that every morning to be able to face the world ahead of me. To carry on for the day, it builds my faith and resistance to things that can easily knock me down. The bible does say that faith comes by hearing , and hearing from the word of God Romans 10:17.

So I’m listening to Mathew,  in chapter 13:10 the disciples ask Jesus why He teaches in parables( fiction)  He replied, “You’ve been given insight into God’s kingdom. You know how it works. Not everybody has this gift, this insight; it hasn’t been given to them. Whenever someone has a ready heart for this, the insights and understandings flow freely. But if there is no readiness, any trace of receptivity soon disappears. That’s why I tell stories: to create readiness, to nudge the people toward receptive insight. In their present state they can stare till doomsday and not see it, listen till they’re blue in the face and not get it

That’s it!! It’s not just enough to say I write Christian fiction,  He has given me the gift to tell stories, and I know of His salvation; of the good news of the gospel so it’s my responsibility to share it with those who don’t know or need reminding. That’s why making sure He is speaking through me is important.

As I embark on my third novel…(shameless plug…hope you have read the previous two, if you haven’t you can get them here) I am becoming more desperate to tell the story that God placed in my heart. To say what He wants me to say. Not just a story for the fun of it but being able to pass a message. So every day that would be my prayer “Lord please place a story in my heart and let me write it the way You want me to write it so it can minister to who you intend it for”  Those who have read my books, know Im not preachy, I do entertain, but the message here is kinda deeper.

I believe An Unexpected Blessing and The Christmas Ultimatum were God-given stories but with this book it is different. It’s not romance but women’s fiction. I am constantly stopping and asking God, “Is this where you want me to go with this?”

Right now it is titled Amarachi~ The Grace of God. Scheduled for Spring 2014

And I will share a lot more as I go through the process.Wanted to share some of what’s on my writing playlist…you can follow me on Spotify



SORMAG’S Online Conference

Today LaShaunda Hoffman, founder of SORMAG, is here to tell us about the SORMAG Online Conference, which will be starting November 1st. I’ll be there…so should you. Over to you, LaShaunda!


I would like to thank Unoma for hosting me today.

My name is LaShaunda C. Hoffman and I’m hosting the SORMAG’s Online Conference. The one conference you don’t have to leave your home to attend.


What happens on the 1st Day of the conference?

Day one is dedicated to the new writer.  Are you embarking on this journey of publication?  Do you want to write a book and don’t know where to start?

This is the day for you.  We have a line up of authors to share their wisdom about writing.  You have the chance to ask them questions and learn more about the craft of writing.

The panel discussions will go deeper into different areas of writing and again you have a chance to ask questions in the Q/A session.

On the SORMAG Fan Page you will have a chance to network with other aspiring writers and maybe make a few new friends.

Have I convinced you to register?  Check out our agenda, and at the end take a moment to register.




SORMAG is Shades of Romance Magazine an award winning magazine this is in digital and blog form.  We feature author interviews and book promotion.

Check out our latest issue – http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/642620

See what’s happening with us daily at – http://sormag.blogspot.com

Need help with your promotion – http://sormag.com/advertise.htm


Question #4 – What was your first manuscript pitch like?

If you answer the question or leave a comment, you have a chance to win the following:

$10.00 Gift Certificate to Amazon.com (5 winners)

Or Book Teaser Ad (5 winners)

Visit the following blogs for the next questions for chance to win.


Invite to SORMAG’s online conference?

10/11 Simply Said Reading Accessories –  http://www.simply-said.net/

What is an online conference?

10/14 Bettye Griffin – http://www.chew-the-fat-with-bettye.blogspot.com/

How can you participate in an online conference?

10/15 Maxine Thompson – http://maxinethompsonbooks.com/blog/

What happens on the 1st Day of the conference?

10/16  Unoma  Nwankwor- http://unomanwankwor.com

What happens on the 2nd Day of the conference?

10/17 Makasha Dorsey – http://MakashaDorsey.com

What happens on the 3rd Day of the conference?

10/18 Dorcas Graham – http://Dorcasgraham.com

What are the goals of the SORMAG’s online conference?

10/21 Deatri King Bey – http://deatrikingbey.com/

Tips to have a good experience at an online conference

  1. 1.     Check the agenda and attend the workshops that will interest you

10/22 Renee Williams – http://allthebuzzreviews.com

Tips to have a good experience at an online conference

  1. 2.     Participate, don’t be a lurker

10/23 Shelia Goss – http://www.sheliagoss.com/blog

Tips to have a good experience at an online conference

  1. 3.     Meet new people, introduce yourself

10/24 Patricia Woodside – http://readinnwritin.blogspot.com/

Last Day to register for SORMAG’s Online Conference

10/25 Lori Soard – http://crabbyhousewife.com/

SORMAG’s Online Conference – Nov 1-3

10/31 See Ya On The Net – http://lashaunda.blogspot.com

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.  If anyone has a question for me feel free to leave a comment. I will be checking back throughout the day to answer them.  Hope to see you at the conference.  LCH

Enjoying the Ride!

comfort-zoneWhen I started this journey, I honestly didn’t anticipate where is has taken me. All I wanted to do was tell a story that has been burning on my heart for years. I just wanted people to read what I had to say and enjoy it. Writing is my safe haven, it enables the introvert in me.  After all the only people I had to talk to were my imaginary friends playing around in my head. Boy, was I wrong!  This journey has opened me up in ways that I never imagined possible. I’m talking to  people I never thought I would…. communicating in ways I never thought I could. I’m loving this ride and can’t see myself getting off anytime soon.

I hadn’t shared my writings before because I didn’t consider myself  ‘good enough’. I enjoyed doing it but didn’t want to put it in the hands of others to tear apart( so I thought) so I remained in my comfort zone. Sending my finished manuscript to my editor ( She’s not just my editor but my destiny helper!) was one of my scariest moments. She is someone I admire so so much..I have read everything she has ever written so you can understand how kinda shaky I was…her feedback was better than I expected. I couldn’t believe she was saying those kind words to me! ME! 

With her guidance  An Unexpected Blessing  has meta morphed into a piece of work that I’m so proud of . I had to push the release day forward because I needed do a little more work. When you finally get it I want you to feel like you have gone on a vacation somewhere getting lost in its pages. Bear with me and stay tuned.  All I can say is that when you stretch yourself…things you never thought possible can be achieved. Also never undervalue the need to surround yourself with people of like mind and purpose.

Totally amazing!!  Stay tuned for details..



“The greatest enemy to your human potential is your comfort zone”