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An Assertive Nudge And A Pot Of Coffee

ifbwritingBefore the darkness gave way to daylight, she stirred in her sleep. She recognized that stir, it was soft not aggressive but assertive. She turned over to her side defiant. She rebelled against anything that wouldn’t let her enjoy her sojourn to lala land. Barely two seconds after she had turned to find a comfortable position, there was that stirring again. This time she bulged. Struggling to untangle her legs from the sheets, she picked up her phone to look at the time. Come now, this early on a Saturday? Really? It’s 4:38am ,she thought. struggling to keep her eyes open, she clicked on the YOUVersion app on her phone, read the day’s verse, meditated a little then padded her way to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.

Soon after, she picked up her laptop and did exactly what that stirring in the wee hours of the morning required her to do…write.
Three hours and four thousand words later, she was on a roll, thankful that she had listened to that stirring. The Holy Spirit…nothing could stop her now except the three little words that came moments later.
“Good morning mummy,” her daughter said. Then her reality began to set in, she saved her document, said goodbye to her characters, then put on her other hat…the one she cherished the most. Mommy.

This was my day started, now I’m getting everything in order for back to school Monday. Labelling supplies, laundry and putting things exactly where they should be for easy access. What are you  up to this weekend?

Oh by the way…happy new month. it’s August..the sunday of summer. Sunday of summer, you get it? How are those dreams and visions coming? On Wednesday the 6th will mark my first year as a published author, and I will officially be revealing my 4th book cover. God is good.



How far did you go?


Today, officially marks the countdown till the end of the year.So many things to be thankful for and so many things to be expectant for. How far did you go in achieving your goals?

God made the heaven & earth in six days and rested on the seventh. The next day, the EIGHTH day was a whole new start. On this eighth month, may the reset button also be hit on any areas of your life that is hurting.

A new start, with gratitude and excellence.
Welcome to August!