3 Ways To Get Past The Elusive Muse

No one wants to have the one thing they love to do more than anything in the world turn into a chore. Creating is supposed to be fun

Same Is Lame

Hey y'all. We're in October can you believe it? October... how has the year treated you so far? For me there have been ups and downs but God is good and still on the throne. My upcoming release A Scoop Of Love is still on track for December. I'm in the throes of rewriting now, my … Continue reading Same Is Lame

Autumn~ The Year’s Last Loveliest smile : An Update.

 It's Fall!! My favorite time of the year.In the beginning of the year I set some writing goals for myself. Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Realistic & Time specific. It's important for us to set those kind of goals so that we don't end up setting expectations that are too high or run the risk of just wandering … Continue reading Autumn~ The Year’s Last Loveliest smile : An Update.