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No Wimps Allowed

It's April..well I know you know that but my announcement is more because I can't believe how time has just flown by. The last time I blogged I think was when I was till recovering from my time off. Well, I'm happy to report that I am in full recovery mode.So here is my inspirational… Continue reading No Wimps Allowed

The Writing Journey

An Assertive Nudge And A Pot Of Coffee

Before the darkness gave way to daylight, she stirred in her sleep. She recognized that stir, it was soft not aggressive but assertive. She turned over to her side defiant. She rebelled against anything that wouldn't let her enjoy her sojourn to lala land. Barely two seconds after she had turned to find a comfortable position,… Continue reading An Assertive Nudge And A Pot Of Coffee

The Writing Journey

The Romantic Hero~ The Christian Way

Found this wonderful and helpful article I might add on the Christian Romantic Hero for all us fiction writer...via What attributes and characteristics make a romantic hero? Does he have broad shoulders tapering to a trim waist? Is he tall and dark? Is he blond and witty? Each author and each reader has her own answer… Continue reading The Romantic Hero~ The Christian Way