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2014~ My Writing Goals

2014 goalsThen the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.~ Habakkuk 2:2

Hey everyone, the second week of the year. What’s the outlook? Did you write those goals down?  I believe in writing my goals down and I do pretty good with that.
Normally by the beginning of the year I would tell my readers/followers what to expect. Well its the 10th and I haven’t done that…why? Fear of being held accountable because I have so much I want to get accomplished.
Tonight I’m writing it down and sharing and I hope you all keep me accountable.


If you don’t have time to write, you don’t have the time (or tools) to write~ Stephen King

With that being said. I decided to take part in a Goodreads reading challenge. I would read 36 books this year by the grace of God. I have three books down already. To take part or see the challenge click here

Right now I’m reading Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray.

I have also committed to actively reviewing everything I read on my blog.Do you have a recommendation for me? Let me know.


This year I’m hard at work. I aim at pushing myself further while still committed to the best quality possible. For right now, this is what my calendar looks like #prayforme

Amarachi~ The Grace Of God.

A Fighting Chance, Book 1 of Sons of Ishmael Series Itohan & Osaro’s story

A Holiday Story. Not sure of the couple yet or the holiday 🙂


I have some lined up. Once they are set in stone I’ll share.



End of Year Note: Follow the Star.

follow_the_star_picnikThis is the last Sunday of the year. I had plans o, plans of spending it in church, dancing it up but that was not to be. I spent it in the ER. Exhaustion and tinzs… No I’m not complaining, just telling you that in all things we always have to give thanks because it could have been worse. But I know say what the devil plans for evil…Genesis 50:20. My God pass am.(Naija slang)

Well I’m back home now and my hubby has banned me from the computer for a couple of days, so I’m gonna drop this note and be out. (Pst…I’m still gonna sneak around when he is not looking..lol)

I caught a clip by Bishop TD Jakes and I wanna share that with you just a piece of what he said. I’m paraphasing of course but here it goes:

When baby Jesus was born, the Wise Men were only able to find Him by following the star!! Stars only appear at night…so to be a nightwalker and reach your promise, goal, dream, you have to learn to move in the night. Follwoing the STAR.

Your night(TRIALS) can take different forms, but in whatever form your night comes in, if you want something so bad it MUST come. Pray for grace to keep moving because you can only get there (YOUR PROMISE) by keeping your eyes fixed on the star.

That means you gotta move around the blockers, the haters, the naysayers. No matter what, keep moving, if you loose sight of the star, you’ll miss the promise. Remember people that are called to greatness have to be great night walkers. Just think, who, who just name one, I dare you. Who achieved anything easily–walking in the daytime.

Let me illustrate by this testimony. How we move through our night.

January 2nd 2013, my hubby  and I sat at the dinning table and drew out our goals/plans for our business KevStel Group. Productions: Produce a full length moviePublications : Write A novel

Pretty simple but huh? Well let me give you background… a full length movie cost…well lets just say A LOT of money and a self pub…I think the time and again the money was a huge undertaking…WE HAD NO IDEA WHERE THE MONEY WOULD COME FROM. BUT GOD SENT DESTINY HELPERS…

Today Dec 29,Full length movie…check. One novel…..check. Novelette…check. Then some bonuses: good health, peace, first short movie got 3 independent movie festival nods the list goes on…We might not be where we wanna be but we sure are a long way from where we used to be…and It was only, only by HIS GRACE & FAVOR

Where there sacrifices? Yes

Where there times I wanted to just forget about the vision? Yes

Where there times I whinned and felt ungrateful? Yes

But we kept our eye on the prize, looking toward the star to guide our journey.

I wish you a very Prosperous 2014 and remember Follow the STAR!