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3 Ways To Get Past The Elusive Muse


On a typical work night, I have my ear plugs in. I listen to music or some something that feeds my soul. Anyway last night I landed on Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk from 2009. She was recently on Oprah ( I missed that) and she is the author of the widely successful novel; Eat Pray Love. Really interesting and insightful so I wanna share some tidbits with you.

When she started her career 20 something years ago, people felt sorry for her. As they thought she might fall into a deep state of depression from all the rejection she would get. Now with the success of her book, the same people were worried that she will fall into the same despair because she won’t be able to top the success of Eat Pray Love with any book that came after it. My two cents: People will rain on your parade if you allow them. Just keep pressing.

As a writer, there is this anxiety that comes over you about your work. Will people like it? Will it be the worst book ever? You cannot worry about this. Your job is to write the story within you. My two cents: In my case, the message is given by the Holy Spirit. As I write, I constantly pray and ask whether I am on the right track but I do this not so the book would be a “bestseller” (although that would be nice) but so I don’t wonder off into my own la- la land.

Sometimes we allow the pressure of creating to weigh us down and miss the joy of creating. Something you enjoy doing, now becomes a chore. There are two cures for this…realizing that you are not the Source of your gift and showing up for your part of the deal. My two cents: When I get what’s called writer’s block, it’s normally because I try to write the story without tapping into the Giver of my gift.When I’m connected, then sit to write…the words flow.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.~ James 1:17



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4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Past The Elusive Muse”

  1. Just what I needed to hear as I continue to pray about which one of the many stories stirring in my spirit to write for my second novel. Thanks Unoma!

    1. Thank you Faith for stopping by. That is a problem for me too. But I’m supposed to be enjoying this writing thing….so if I allow me to get in the way of Him…it wont be a good look.

  2. Connecting to the source is the key and so is selective hearing. You can listen to people, but sometimes you have to select what you hear.

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