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#WriterWednesday: Part Of The Family

Open book with golden magic light and falling stars on  dark  backgroundFunny story, when I was writing my first novel, An Unexpected Blessing , I called my husband Alex ( the book’s hero) almost all the time. It got so bad that he would give me the side eye, until the warning came. But then as a creative himself he understood how the characters live with you. Becomes part of your waking and sleeping.

Well I don’t do that anymore, or rather I catch myself before I do. But that doesn’t they are still not with me always. It’s funny because sometimes I’d think of something, a plot idea and I would go “naaah my present heroine wont do that, but oooooweeee the heroine of my next book will.” You see the characters I write I build from the ground up. I know I already told you that their core is getting back the hope they lost or restoration back to where they used to be. If you missed it you can read it here . But all of the characters are as different as their names.

Recently I got this review of A Scoop Of Love “I loved the characters, they felt real and I could relate to all their struggles. I loved the detail in which Unoma writes, every time Ibiso prepared a meal, I did feel like I was there in the kitchen with her. Can’t wait to read book two!”

I loved it, because it took a great deal to build all three Danjuma brothers and the women that will capture their hearts. And I’m glad it reflected in the story.  Nancy Kress says that to be a writer, you must learn to be three people at once:writer, reader, character.

According to Jordan Dane, “It’s not enough to picture their outward appearance. Give them a background and sphere of influence”

I had no clue how to do this until I talked to one of my mentors. She asked, “So who is Yomi?” (Yomi is the hero in my second published work, my Christmas novelette. I said “He is a rich, fine, biracial man.” She said, “And….” I was totally speechless then she sent me a character profile and I have used it ever since. I spend time building my characters before I write a word. At least I have the basics, so what is a character profile…here is a version of what I use



Family life (or origin) and its effects:

Mother and relationship with her:

Father and relationship with him:

Siblings and relationship with them:

Extended family and relationship with them

Current family life:



Weight and build

Body type

Face type

Predominant feature/Distinguishing marks:




Clothing style:

Speaking style:

General demeanor:

Career and social status:

Religious beliefs:

Relationship history:

Health history



Best qualities:

Worst qualities:

Bad habits:




Personality traits:


Best thing that ever happened to them:

Worst thing that ever happened to them:



What is most important to them? :

What makes them angry?

There are so many other questions on my sheet. A profile helps when I’m figuring out their dialogue and their reaction to things or what moves and drives them.

To authors, how do you shape the characters in your work.

To readers, do you appreciate the depth of the characters you read.

Please share in the comments

Be Blessed


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May You Believe.

Recently, I’ve been in a huge writing slump. Not that I can’t write but I feel I’m basically writing crap. Don’t know if you have ever felt that way about something that you know in your heart you can do, but at the present you just feel blah.

You’re cooking your signature soup. You have done it time and time again. People who have tasted it swear by your soup. You should know the drill by now right?But then you still wonder, does it have the right kick? Will people know it’s chicken soup and not veggie soup? Can they tell it’s Egusi soup and not Onugbu?

Well that’s my problem recently. I’m in love with Jabir & Damisi’s story in Anchored By Love one minute, the next I’m trying to strangle both of them and their group of friends. But I keep going, complaining the whole way. I’m in revisions and I still have about three more edits so I need to get my act together and trust the process. A friend of mine sent me this and so for Writer Wednesday, I’m sharing it with you, just in case you are going through the same.

may you believe

I know this is a general prayer but for me it reminds me to keep the faith. The Holy Spirit is my muse and I have to trust and rely on my source to give me the right words and perfect it. If your writing is not going the way you want, stick with it. Get to the end, you cannot fix a blank page. No matter your stage in the process. It will be beautiful in the end.

Be Blessed


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January Wrap Up


It’s February. Yep, already we are 32 days into 2015 with 333 days left. Did you set some goals for yourself? Where you able to accomplish them?

Let’s take a refresher on what goals are. Number one, they cannot be random. Number two, they are the means toward a desired end. As I like to say, there has to be “a method to the madness.” Our desired end should be the fulfillment of  purpose…the reason we were created.

“Life without specific, measurable objectives is vague and haphazard”~ Dr. Myles Munroe.

My writing ministry is my purpose, so my goals are set around writing.

In January, I set a goal of 1500 words a day to complete the first draft of my WIP. My WIP is the second book in the Sons Of Ishmael series, titled Anchored By Love. (For full disclosure it was already at 20,000 before the year started.) Did I do it? Well I’m glad to say I did. They way I have my writing goals set out, if I didn’t I would be so behind.

1500 might seem like a small number but the key to achieving your goals are setting up S M A R T ones. They have to be Specific-Complete my first draft.

Measurable- Write 1500 words a day. At then end of each writing session, I did a word count to make sure I meet the goal.

Attainable & Realistic- I normally do 3000 words and upwards, but January is a really busy month for me at my day job. Therefore anything more wouldn’t have been attainable or realistic.

Timely- I had the date of before Jan 29th.

Why the 29th? LOL..Those that follow me know I’m a huge fan of the TV show Scandal, so my time frame was before the 29th when the show came back on after a 10 week hiatus.

Your dreams should be big but the goals you set aside to attain them shouldn’t be too outlandish or nothing would get done.

The point is that, time waits for no one. So if there is anything you want to do, there is no time like the present. Get a game plan together and work your plan. For whatever you want to achieve, the talent & gift has already been placed on the inside of you. All you need to do is to tap into it.

For this month, my writing goal is to finish revising my WIP and finish the first draft of the sequel to my Christmas novella by the February 28th. Also I plan to study the Book of Romans again.

Did you achieve your January goals? What are your goals for February? What are the plans/actions steps you plan to use to achieve them? Please drop me a comment let’s share



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