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Same Is Lame


Hey y’all. We’re in October can you believe it? October… how has the year treated you so far? For me there have been ups and downs but God is good and still on the throne.

My upcoming release A Scoop Of Love is still on track for December. I’m in the throes of rewriting now, my best part of writing but a little tedious this time. It’s a series so wanna make sure everything is straight.

Anyways, that’s my writing update.Now to the business of the post… I don’t watch any reality shows, singing competitions or much TV. But I absolutely LOVE The Voice, not the actual competition but the blind auditions. In case you don’t know, the judges have to choose  the singers that would be on their team based their voice only. Hence “blind auditions”

Pharell is one of those judges this season and he made a statement yesterday that stuck with me

The SAME is LAME~ Pharell on The Voice.

So, this is my spill. In telling it to you, I also encourage myself. As I never write from a place of “I got it all together.”

Press toward your mark. The only person you should be in competition with today is the YOU, you were yesterday. When you stop to look at what others are doing, you slow yourself down.
It’s OK to learn from the best…every Ruth has a Naomi… but stop trying to be LIKE them. You insult God when you try to take your unique talent and mold it into someone else’s instead of growing yours to be the BEST it can be.

Remember, the grass is always greener where you water it.

Do you sometimes struggle with staying your course? Thinking the course of others is better?