My Musings


I've had this blog since 2011, but I've been blogging since 2009. What happened in between? Well let's just say I forgot that small little detail of backing up my stuff. I love pouring out my thoughts. I love pouring out words of transparency laced in encouragement. I truly believe that I help someone that… Continue reading JUST SOMETHINGS ON MY MIND…

My Musings

2015…In review & My One Goal For 2016

So I see lists and special moments of 2015 all over the place. Hmm I can't even begin to put mine into perspective...But let me try... So.. Image: Google photos 1.I released my fourth novel in January 2. In July, I traveled back to Nigeria after an 8 year absence for the world premiere of… Continue reading 2015…In review & My One Goal For 2016

The Writing Journey

It’s Been a Great Year. Welcome to 2015

I want to thank you - my readers and friends for a wonderful 2014. I appreciate you reading my books, your reviews and spreading the word. I'm excited about 2015 and the release of 2 books - unless something changes and I write a novella in there - A Scoop of Love (January), Anchored By… Continue reading It’s Been a Great Year. Welcome to 2015