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Reviewing The Past & Looking Towards the Future

Truly blessed and humbled to see the end of another year. As always it is a time for reflection on the past and planning toward the future. I’ve been blessed to do some pretty amazing things this year and I also realistically had some losses. This post however is about the wins.

This year I started my podcast, “Anchor Talk”
Wrote & released my first prayer journal, “Light Pearls in the Dark”
Wrote & released my first non fiction book, “In The Dark”
Wrote & released the last book of the Sons of Ishmael series, “Mended With Love”
Wrote & just hit SEND on my 10th book!! Titled: To Live Again.


Thank God for strength esp with a whole full time job and family.
Thanks to my supporters & readers for rocking with me.

For the upcoming year, I have some things I want to do and I will be sharing more of that later. First however I want to share with you something that I have had under wraps for a while. In June , I teamed up with Sable Sisters Publishing under their Sable Romance imprint.
To Live Again, my next book will be under Sable Romance. I’m so excited with this new venture!!


I will be sharing much more about To Live Again in the coming weeks. I will also be modifying the blog a little while restarting the Anchor Talk Podcast. I will write again but it will take a while as I get some other things in order.

From me to you…Happy New Year!

Faith. Romance. African Spice
✝️Writing His Stories✝️

Peace & Blessings


2015…In review & My One Goal For 2016

So I see lists and special moments of 2015 all over the place. Hmm I can’t even begin to put mine into perspective…But let me try…

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1.I released my fourth novel in January
2. In July, I traveled back to Nigeria after an 8 year absence for the world premiere of my husbands movie..our labor of love Tempting Fate
3. While there I did a book signing at a bookstore I frequented as a kid.
4. I also gave interviews to a number of television stations
5.In August, I was a SPEAKER at my first Women’s Conference in Atlanta.
6. In September, I had my first out of town book conference in Memphis where I TAUGHT my FIRST class with my sissy Nigeria​
7. In October my sophomore novel named “10 Must Read Read African Romances”
8. In November I was nominated in two categories in the Nigerian Writers Awards. Best Faith Writer(When You Let Go & A Scoop of Love) and Best Romance Writer( A Scoop of Love)
9. In December, I released my fifth novel Anchored By Love.
10. I got to see another birthday and spent seven glorious days waking up to an ocean front view.
To God Be the Glory Forever more!!!!
2016…Greater is coming, my main focus will be to chase after my God, because He is good and all the rest will chase after me!!!

Thank you for hanging with me.Your support is invaluable.

Be Blessed


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End of Year Note: Follow the Star.

follow_the_star_picnikThis is the last Sunday of the year. I had plans o, plans of spending it in church, dancing it up but that was not to be. I spent it in the ER. Exhaustion and tinzs… No I’m not complaining, just telling you that in all things we always have to give thanks because it could have been worse. But I know say what the devil plans for evil…Genesis 50:20. My God pass am.(Naija slang)

Well I’m back home now and my hubby has banned me from the computer for a couple of days, so I’m gonna drop this note and be out. (Pst…I’m still gonna sneak around when he is not looking..lol)

I caught a clip by Bishop TD Jakes and I wanna share that with you just a piece of what he said. I’m paraphasing of course but here it goes:

When baby Jesus was born, the Wise Men were only able to find Him by following the star!! Stars only appear at night…so to be a nightwalker and reach your promise, goal, dream, you have to learn to move in the night. Follwoing the STAR.

Your night(TRIALS) can take different forms, but in whatever form your night comes in, if you want something so bad it MUST come. Pray for grace to keep moving because you can only get there (YOUR PROMISE) by keeping your eyes fixed on the star.

That means you gotta move around the blockers, the haters, the naysayers. No matter what, keep moving, if you loose sight of the star, you’ll miss the promise. Remember people that are called to greatness have to be great night walkers. Just think, who, who just name one, I dare you. Who achieved anything easily–walking in the daytime.

Let me illustrate by this testimony. How we move through our night.

January 2nd 2013, my hubby  and I sat at the dinning table and drew out our goals/plans for our business KevStel Group. Productions: Produce a full length moviePublications : Write A novel

Pretty simple but huh? Well let me give you background… a full length movie cost…well lets just say A LOT of money and a self pub…I think the time and again the money was a huge undertaking…WE HAD NO IDEA WHERE THE MONEY WOULD COME FROM. BUT GOD SENT DESTINY HELPERS…

Today Dec 29,Full length movie…check. One novel…..check. Novelette…check. Then some bonuses: good health, peace, first short movie got 3 independent movie festival nods the list goes on…We might not be where we wanna be but we sure are a long way from where we used to be…and It was only, only by HIS GRACE & FAVOR

Where there sacrifices? Yes

Where there times I wanted to just forget about the vision? Yes

Where there times I whinned and felt ungrateful? Yes

But we kept our eye on the prize, looking toward the star to guide our journey.

I wish you a very Prosperous 2014 and remember Follow the STAR!