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#Throwback Spotlight: The Adolo Sisters

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Did you know that the Invisible Shackles series is still FREE in Kindle Unlimited. Today, I’m gonna spotlight the sisters, Itohan & Isoken

For years, she’s had one goal in mind. Revenge…Her quest is finally within reach, however the satisfaction she feels is short lived when she discovers the plan will also destroy the new love, she’s allowed herself to have.

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Her life was interrupted without her permission. Causing her to do the only thing she knew how…run!
Years later, another interruption brings her back to where she started but now…she’s the one making the rules

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Before the truth can set you free, you must acknowledge the lie that keeps you bound. Readers are in love with these sisters. They ride for each other strong.

For now, will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder. Nahum 1:13

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