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Sample Sunday: Don’t You Find That Suspicious?

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The release for His Makeshift Fiancee is rapidly approaching. So, this Sunday, let’s get to know the main character a little more. There’s no better way to start than at one of his starring moments in the first book in the series, Rent A Bae. In this scene, Arinze aka Nze, the first Kalu cousin has flown to LA on a whim with a woman he kinda sorta doesn’t know really well.


“Nze, do I need to call Aunty B? O gini di?” Cheta asked when he came into view. He moved away from his friends I could see in the background.
Laughing, I positioned the kettle under the running water. “Nna mehn… first, where’s Jidenna? Today is Sunday. No brunch?”
“Nah, Ju has a cold, and you know how he is when she’s ill. I’ll check on them later.” He was now on the deck in his backyard. “This was supposed to be an arrangee. How are you flying out to L.A with her?” His face contorted. “You know I was busy yesterday. So, I heard you, but you gotta give it to me again.”
The way Cheta said busy, I knew it had something to do with a woman. He was currently in some hot water with his management team because of a woman, but still, he couldn’t stay away from them. I’ve called him to order before, but he’s grown so I let him handle his own business. So instead of giving him a hard time, I told him about Jasmine. Since nothing came of me and Jasmine in Jamaica, I saw no reason to tell my cousins about her then. Telling Cheta about it now had him in a range of emotions. Disbelief, suspicion, and skepticism.
“Are you sure she didn’t Google you?” he asked. “Don’t you find this suspicious? Check am na. She knew you were a celeb from the wedding. I’m sure about that. Even if you didn’t give her any kind of information, how hard would it have been to type Arinze in Google and your picture appears?”
I broke the eggs, cut up the vegetables and sliced the plantain as Cheta continued to lay out all his conspiracy theories. One thing we did for each other was go hard. I didn’t expect anything less from him, but I wasn’t stupid. I knew anything could happen, but I didn’t get that vibe from her. The shock and anger she showed when we came face to face let me know immediately, she had no idea who she was meeting with.
I told Cheta this to which this joker responded, “Nze, hapụ ihe ahụ. People can lie. I’m sure that was a performance. Don’t trust these women.”
I laughed at him. “There you go trying to project your issues on me.”
“Have you forgotten Chantel?” he asked.
“I do remember Chantel. That’s why I’m cautious, but that doesn’t mean I have trust issues.”
Cheta grunted.

If you haven’t met the Kalu cousins, you can do so in Rent A Bae. His Makeshift Fiancée is Cheta’s story. Coming 10/14. Preorder your copy today

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