Sample Sunday: I’m Not Doing That!

Hey there, It's been a minute. A lot has been going on with me personally but I still managed to get the next Billionaire book finished. Pretend Bea will release on 4/30 and I'm excited for you to meet Brice & Imani. But first a little sample. In this scene Brice returns for a trip … Continue reading Sample Sunday: I’m Not Doing That!

Interactions: Halima & Kamal

Kamal and Halima make you just love siblings. They kinda reminded me of the dynamic between Zuri & T'Challa in Black Panther. Kammy is the annoying big brother( older by 3 years) and Halima is the baby sister who can't catch a break from him. As Halima's book releases this Friday, it is only right … Continue reading Interactions: Halima & Kamal

To Get to Her, You Have To Go Through Them.

The Danjumas return this Friday! I'm so geeked and excited. We are exactly 5 days away! Have you ordered your copy? You can do so here She is the COO of the Danjuma Group, but to three overbearing brothers, she's still their baby sister. To get close to her, Ekene has to go through them...all … Continue reading To Get to Her, You Have To Go Through Them.