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Sample Sunday: Don’t You Find That Suspicious?

Hey there, The release for His Makeshift Fiancee is rapidly approaching. So, this Sunday, let's get to know the main character a little more. There's no better way to start than at one of his starring moments in the first book in the series, Rent A Bae. In this scene, Arinze aka Nze, the first… Continue reading Sample Sunday: Don’t You Find That Suspicious?

Bookish Stuff

Interactions: Halima &Jabir

For those of you that remember, the interaction between these two wasn't as much. Halima's presence was felt as she helped Jabir set up a lot of things upon his arrival to Nigeria. However, their on the page interaction was minimal. In her book, you'll find out why if you pay close attention. However as… Continue reading Interactions: Halima &Jabir

Bookish Stuff

#GoodReadFriday: Hope & My Fiction Ep.3

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of another week and it's time for another episode of Hope & My Fiction. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the Dikes. Amara & Ejike Dike are the first married couple I wrote about and boy let me tell you, they are my award… Continue reading #GoodReadFriday: Hope & My Fiction Ep.3