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Sample Sunday: That’s Why You Were Creeping.

Hey there! Happy Sunday. Was chatting with my brothers some days ago (I have four of them) and thought about the dynamic of one of my fictional families- The Danjumas. Those brothers always give their sister a hard time. It’s a good thing I am the oldest of my brothers 🙂

In this sample, the brothers are coming to terms with the fact that their sister is dating their friend. Enjoy!

“You thought we were just gonna clap for you and it be over?” Kamal asked.
“Apparently, she did.” Jabir tossed an M & M into his mouth.
Halima rolled her eyes at her big brothers and looked over at Rasheed who was in the corner of the Danjuma private jet on a call. Her sisters-in-law had taken an earlier flight straight to Enugu. She and Rasheed had to wrap up some interviews earlier, so Jabir and Kamal decided to wait with them. She should’ve known it was so they could continue this conversation that she thought was dead.
“You guys didn’t have to give him such a hard time,” Halima said.
“Says who? If anybody thinks they’re going to get close to you, they go through us first,” Jabir declared.
“I don’t get it. None of you did this with Danladi.”
“How many times do I have to say it? I didn’t sweat that because that wedding wasn’t happening. There was no way on God’s green earth you were becoming someone’s second wife.” Kamal looked at her and Jabir puzzled. “How don’t any of you know me by now?”
“Well I thought you were saved,” Halima said.
“Being saved doesn’t make me a punk.” He squeezed his face like she’d just insulted him.
“Bruh, I don’t know how many times I gotta tell her that,” Jabir said. “Is Kene a punk?”
Halima shook her head.
Kamal sniggered, pulled out his phone and began thumbing through it.
“And I keep telling you guys, I’m—”
“Don’t give me that I’m grown speech.” Jabir chuckled and Kamal looked up at her. “What does that have to do with the interrogation process?”
“You already knew that was gonna happen. That’s why you were creeping.” Jabir popped another piece of candy in his mouth.

Halima cut her eyes at him. “Creeping? I can’t stand both of you together.”
“But you love us though.” Kamal winked at her and returned to his phone. Halima assumed he was texting with his wife. The two of them fought all the time, but loved even harder. With his eyebrows creased together, he stood up and proceeded to the back of the plane.
Rasheed walked over and squeezed her shoulder. “If it’s any consolation, Kene held his own.”
She looked up at the head of the family and smiled. “I knew he would.”
“Oh, check you out, having confidence in your man,” Jabir joked.
“The same way Damisi has in you.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him.
Jabir put the knuckle of his index finger in his mouth and let out a laugh.
“E, who’s that boy behind my daughter?” Kamal asked. The three of them turned to see him peering into his phone. From his creased brow, Ebele was now on Facetime.
“Does he know his daughter is not even a full year yet?” Rasheed asked, causing her and Jabir to laugh.

“Nah, E, I ain’t playing. Tell him to step back.”
“Kam, stop, this boy is only three and his grandmother and Mama are friends. They stopped by,” Ebele said, with a giggle.
Halima and her other brothers shook their heads at his antics.
“Where’s Nasir? Tell him he ain’t doing his job.” Kamal said, referring to his twin son.
“Bye, Kam. I love you. See you soon.” Ebele hung up.
Kamal looked up at them with a frown on his face. “What?”
“What exactly is Nasir’s job?” Rasheed asked.
“He’s supposed to protect his sister,” Kamal stood and walked back over.
“From three-year-old boys?” Halima chuckled.
The double lines on his forehead deepened. “Boys period. Now back to you.”
Halima shook her head. “No dan uwa na. We’re done with me. So, tell me what I can expect in Enugu.”

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