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Gracious Pursuit…

The final book in the Danjuma family saga, is making waves. Readers say it’s the best book out of the lot.

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Although I completely enjoyed Halima and Kene’s love story, I enjoy even more how the author told the love story of God’s heart towards all of those who do not know Him intimately. How God gently and graciously pursued Halima let me know how patient and unconditional is love is for all us. She got God and got the man! Loved it.

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She has My Heart

Are you still reading Redeemed Through Love?

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Thank you!

Release weekend has come and gone and I’ll like to say THANK YOU!

Redeemed Through Love, my 11th book is now available in digital format. The paperback will be available soon.

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In the US & UK charts, we came in at top 40, and I’m grateful for your support.

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Interactions: Halima & Kamal

Kamal and Halima make you just love siblings. They kinda reminded me of the dynamic between Zuri & T’Challa in Black Panther.

Kammy is the annoying big brother( older by 3 years) and Halima is the baby sister who can’t catch a break from him. As Halima’s book releases this Friday, it is only right to close out the interactions series with these two πŸ™‚


Pre-order your copyΒ  hereso it lands in your ereader by midnight.

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