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Christmas In July : Don’t Test Me


We’re on week three of our #ChristmasInJuly series. From the feedback I’ve gotten, I’m glad you’re enjoying the series as much as I’m loving revisiting these characters. In today’s excerpt, we will visit Tekena & Isoken from To Breathe Again. I absolutely adore this couple. If you haven’t read their story, I promise you really want to. They were two Alphas who had to learn the meaning of compromise.

In this excerpt, the “friends”, (that’s what they called themselves…talk about in denial) who were beefing on Christmas day, made up just in time to attend a holiday gala together. Enjoy!

Several minutes later with his hand rested on her back, Tekena ushered Isoken into the prestigious Bolderna hotel. Isoken was grateful for the little time she had in the fresh air. The tension in the car, their chemistry and his cologne all conspired to drive her insane.
Isoken’s eyes bugged as they entered the ballroom. Crystal chandeliers spiraled from the arching lavender ceiling, illuminating the shimmering wall and floors that were accented by large windows draped in expensive looking fabric. The bar was in the corner of the room that opened to an outdoor patio area. The melody of “Doyin” by Mr. Eazi & Simi blared from the speakers. Tekena introduced her to a few people as they made their way to their seats. After making sure she was seated, he walked over to the bar to get them something to drink.

“Here’s to an enjoyable evening with gorgeous company,” Tekena toasted when he returned.
Isoken smiled before they clicked their glasses together. She took a sip of her raspberry fizz and they talked while waiting for Eze.
“You’re gonna be okay by yourself, right?” Tekena glanced at his phone briefly before returning his eyes to her. “Eze is parking now.”
Isoken leaned back and furrowed her brows. “Yes, I’ll be fine. This is my home all year round, remember? Besides, I know this is work for you.”
Tekena was about to respond when Eze walked up.
“Hey, you two.” Eze smiled at them.
“Wassup, man,” Tekena absently responded to a text on his phone.
“Hey, Eze.”
“You look lovely, Isoken.” He stretched his hand. She took it and he lifted it to his mouth.
“Man, get your mouth off her. You don’t see me sitting here?” Tekena growled.
“Thank you. You look handsome yourself.” Isoken narrowed her eyes at Tekena. He lifted his brows in challenge, and she nudged his shoulder. “Leave him alone.”
Eze chuckled. “Calm down, fighter. Let’s go. Our attention is needed over there.” He pointed to a group of people on the other side of the room.
Tekena turned to her. “I’ll be right back.”
Isoken nodded and both men turned to leave when Tekena halted and retraced his steps. He lowered his head to whisper in her ear. “I’m not in the mood to fight tonight. Behave yourself. Any man that comes close to you, send them on their way.”
“Tekena, it would be in your best interest to walk away now.” She shook her head and lifted her glass.
He kissed her cheek. “I’m gone. But please don’t test me.”

For the holidays, do you like elaborate dinner parties or a good meal with family?

I hope you enjoyed today’s feature. For more on Isoken & Tekena, you can find their book here. If you have read To Breathe Again, share your thoughts on the couple.

Peace & Blessings