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Christmas In July : Don’t Do It Sis, It’s the Red Cup

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I’ve had so much fun revisiting these characters during the festive period. It makes me long for the season myself. For our last hurrah, we visit my Moroccan family, the DuBois-Arazis. This is my second Christmas book and it is set in the sweet small mountain town of Tweede Kans Cove. We will revisit this family hopefully in the fall, but for now here is a snippet of Christmas Day at the Dubois Manior(not a typo)

Yasmine heard the screeching sound of the chorus of “Noel” as Anisa and Kwame put on a concert for Grandma Olly, Ms. Bernadette and some of her other guests in the living room. She and Salma checked on the bunch de noel, cake and pies they had put in the warmer. Kojo and Mustafa were mixing the drinks while Omar was doing everything else with the help of Grandma Olly’s cook. The aroma was divine and there was music playing in the kitchen as they joked and laughed together.

“Here, drink this.” Kojo appeared next to her.
Yasmine frowned at him, then tried to peer into the cup. “Uhmmm, what’s that?”
Salma giggled. “Don’t do it sis. Next thing you know, you’ll be out like a light. Christmas will pass you right by.”
Kojo laughed. “Sally, I thought you were on my side?” he asked, then looked at Yasmine. “And you, don’t you trust me?”
“Ugh…don’t call me that.” Salma groaned. “And of course, I’m on your side. I got you here, didn’t I? But I draw the line when you got a red cup in your hand.”
He laughed. “Okay lil sis, good looking out for that one.” Kojo gave Salma a fist bump. “But you know Grandma Olly would kill us if we had alcohol here. So, it’s all good.”
Kojo lifted the cup to Yasmine’s lips and she took a sip. She frowned, but then smacked her lips together. She nodded. “Not bad at all. What is it?”
Kojo kissed her lips. “That’s my secret.”
“Ooooh, come on guys, not in front of the food,” Omar shouted.
“Man, I’m gonna hurt you one day. Why you always hatin’?” Kojo asked.
“I’m not hatin’. Why you always on her? We get you love her, but jeez,” Omar complained.
Yasmine giggled. The laughter Omar was trying to stifle slipped through.
“Omar, be quiet and prepare the food. I’m starving with that little breakfast you served,” Mustafa said.
“And just for that…watch this.” Kojo’s hand went to the back of Yasmine’s neck and before she knew it, he’d tilted her head back and captured her lips in a deep kiss. One that solicited a moan.
“All right, knock it off,” Mustafa said. “I do not wish to see that. Yasmine, go set the table or something so this man can cool down.”

Everyone laughed.
“You see that’s why whenever I get a man, I’m not bringing him around you guys for nothing,” Salma said.
“Ha! Big sis, I can’t do too much about, but you, I’mma have a field day,” Omar joked. “For all those times you got on and still get on my nerves, it’s on.”
“Ugh, see why I can’t stand you. I don’t know how we shared a womb at the same time.” Salma rolled her eyes and grabbed Yasmine’s hand, leading her out of the kitchen with laughter trailing behind.

I hope you enjoyed the DuBois Arazis. If you haven’t met all of them, you can in A Promise Fulfilled.

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