#WCW: Nicole Johnson

Hey there! We're back with Women Crush Wednesday, bestie edition. Missed last week because I was on vacation, but I'm back. This week, we feature Nicole Johnson from Pretend Bae, Imani's best friend. Nicole was a different kind of bestie. She had her girl's back 100 but she couldn't stand the hero, Brice Richardson. LOL … Continue reading #WCW: Nicole Johnson

#WCW: Nse Lawson

Hey there! So, during the weekend, I read a book about a footballer injuring himself during a game. Then he later fell in love with his physiotherapist. If you've been here a while, this sounds familiar. Right? Well, if not, my 2017 release Mended With Love has that plot line running through it. Both stories … Continue reading #WCW: Nse Lawson

Sample Sunday: We’re Doing This My Way

Hi there! I've been absent but I've been working. I'm now at a place where I can share the first sample for my upcoming book Rent A Bae. What I wanted to be a novella, has turned into a full blown novel. For the first time, I'm writing in first person POV. I like it, … Continue reading Sample Sunday: We’re Doing This My Way