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Danjuma Family Meeting… A Redeemed Through Love Teaser

“Dan uwa na.”
“Nope. Don’t do that. Where have you been? Is that man telling you that you don’t need your brothers?” Kamal scoffed.
“Kam leave Hali alone,” Ebi yelled.
Halima giggled. “I love him too and never pay him any attention.”
“Is that Hali?” Ibiso yelled.
Great, that probably meant that Rasheed was close by.
“Yes, it’s her,” Kamal responded.
“Madam, didn’t you see my missed call?’ Ibiso asked, coming into view.
“Hey sis,” Halima said.
Ibiso narrowed her brows and whispered. “Don’t hey me. You asked for my cholate strawberry combo cake recipe so, I know you’re stressing. What is it? I hope it’s not that case o.”
Halima ignored her question. “Hold on don’t drop.” She walked to the living room, picked up her cell phone and dialed Damisi.
“Hello, Hali, are you okay? Your senior wife was just complaining barely an hour ago that she was trying to call you,” Damisi said, not giving her a chance to speak.
“Yea, she’s on WhatsApp now. By the way, that’s your senior wife. She’s my wife since my brother is married to her,” Halima teased.
“What do you want smart mouth?” Damisi asked.
Halima laughed as she walked back to the kitchen. “Is my brother there?”
“You don’t have his number?”
“I do but you’re more likely to answer your phone, so there.”
“You know I love you. Call him abeg.” Halima placed her cellphone on speaker next to her iPad and hurriedly removed the cake and her eggs from the oven.
“Ana, Ana, call your daddy. Tell him Aunty Hali is on the phone.”
Seconds later, Jabir joined. “Hey sis.”
“Hey you,” Halima greeted looking into her iPad. “SoSo is big bros there?”
“I’m here Halima. What’s going on? Are you okay?” Rasheed asked.
Halima inhaled and exhaled. “Okay now that I have all of you on…three weeks ago, I…..

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They’re Back!

Coming Soon!!

The last book in the Sons of Ishmael series: Redeemed Through Love.

All books are standalones but to have the full Danjuma experience, it is advisable to read all books. To help with that, the first book A SCOOP OF LOVE is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and the other books have been discounted.


“The multiplying of the redeemed is the magnifying of the Redeemer.”

Redeemed Through Love starts 6 months after Kamal’s(Mended With Love) twins are born. In the book, we get to know more about Halima Danjuma. Remember she’s the baby  step sister of the Danjuma brothers. She was raised Muslim while her brothers were raised Christian. What were the odds that she’d fall in love with a Christian.

Ekene Odili.

Ekene is her brother’s best friend and lawyer of Danjuma Group. In this tale, Halima is on a quest for the truth.  The truth however is wrapped up in a forbidden love. One she’s tempted to explore but when the consequences come will she wish she hadn’t disturbed the tide?

Here’s an excerpt from  A Scoop Of Love where Ekene & Halima first met.

Hours later, Ekene turned his car into the gated community where Halima lived. Soon, both friends walked up to the front door, rang the doorbell and waited.
Rasheed was taken aback when Halima, dressed in a simple cut red dress with white polka dots, opened the door. She looked different without her hijab on. In fact, this was the first time he was seeing her auburn flowing hair. His kid sister was quite a beautiful young woman.
“Good afternoon, brother,” his sister said. Her tone was low.
“Hi. This is my friend Kene. Kene this is my kid sis, Halima.”
“Hi.” Ekene stretched out his hand and Halima placed hers in it. He gave her his charismatic smile and if Rasheed didn’t know any better, he’d think that Halima had just been captivated by Ekene’s charm. Her eyes had a hint of admiration in them. The handshake seemed to last a moment too long. Rasheed cleared his throat and Ekene let go of her hand.
A strange overprotective feeling came over him. She looked so vulnerable, giving him another reason to dislike that fact that she was in Lagos all by herself. She opened the door to usher them in.
“I’m afraid I have to leave, but it was nice meeting you,” Ekene said. “Call me later, man.”
“Nice meeting you, too,” Halima said, and walked into the house.

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Remember you can enjoy the first book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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And Another One…

Hi there!!

Happy New Years.

As I write this, its about 8:56 pm EST so technically it’s not 2019 yet. However in my homeland, Nigeria and other places, it is. 🙂

Happy New Year 2019 Greeting Card

I want to share with you this verse from Paul “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

Let go of the bad habits and trash of 2018 and embrace the New Year with everything you got. We’re in this race together.

Peace & Blessings,