#WCW: Nse Lawson

Hey there!

So, during the weekend, I read a book about a footballer injuring himself during a game. Then he later fell in love with his physiotherapist. If you’ve been here a while, this sounds familiar. Right? Well, if not, my 2017 release Mended With Love has that plot line running through it. Both stories are not the same at all but as a creative, it got me looking at my own book. I wanted to see if I handled the injury properly. One thing led to another and I read the whole book( yea, I read what I write).

That brings me to my new feature #WCW. However, we won’t be focusing on the main heroines of the story. We’ll talk about their besties. The ones that had to drum some sense into their head. I’ll feature them and one of the ‘upside down the head’ smacking quotes thet have.

Since I was reading Kamal & Ebele’s story, I decided to start with Ebele’s best friend, Nse Lawson.

If you haven’t met Nse, you can meet her in Mended With Love. She and her man, Tega were hilarious. They are also godparents to the Danjuma twins.

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