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#WCW: Nicole Johnson

Hey there!

We’re back with Women Crush Wednesday, bestie edition. Missed last week because I was on vacation, but I’m back. This week, we feature Nicole Johnson from Pretend Bae, Imani’s best friend. Nicole was a different kind of bestie. She had her girl’s back 100 but she couldn’t stand the hero, Brice Richardson. LOL

I don’t think she disliked him; it was more of she was irritated with his oblivion. If you haven’t met Nicole, you should. She’s a reader favorite. You can read Pretend Bae here. It is now in KU but for the next couple of days only.

Inside scoop…this couple also has some connection to my upcoming novel, Rent A Bae. Rent A Bae is now available for preorder. It releases next Friday.

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