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Sample Sunday: We’re Doing This My Way

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I’ve been absent but I’ve been working. I’m now at a place where I can share the first sample for my upcoming book Rent A Bae. What I wanted to be a novella, has turned into a full blown novel. For the first time, I’m writing in first person POV. I like it, it might end up being a thing. In this scene(unedited) Arinze and Jasmine are meeting for the first time since New Year’s Kiss at a toy making event. The scene is in Jasmine’s POV. Enjoy

Completely ignoring Arinze, I picked up some pre sown knit material. I was doing this without his help. Almost immediately, I felt the burn of his gaze. Bending, he whispered in my ear.
“Is there something you’d like to get off your chest?”
His dangerous raspy baritone washed over me, temporarily leaving me speechless. I glanced over at him, almost caught up in his web. Almost, because the smirk that crossed his face had my good sense making a comeback. Quickly remembering that ‘Mr. That wasn’t a request’ called himself meticulously taking me on a high into the wee hours of New Year’s morning, then had the nerve to turn cold. I was fine on my own, but he had to lay his lips on me almost taking my soul with him.
He chuckled and picked up some scissor. “Sounds like you do. Grudges are unhealthy, you need to let it go.”
“Can you leave me alone?” I sounded ridiculous but if he could be quiet maybe I could trick my mind and body into believing he wasn’t there. I didn’t like their betrayal.
He rolled up some cotton and scrap pieces and handed it to me to stuff the material I had. Again, I ignored him and collected my own pieces from the pile assigned to us. He placed his hand over mine, halting my movement. Heat traveled up my arm and I snatched away.
“You see all these people.” He gestured to the other couples. “They’re working together, meanwhile you’re here huffing and puffing, refusing my help. I take it you’re upset with me…now tell me why.”
I needed to get it together, I was showing my hand. I opened my mouth to deny his accusations. “Look…”
“Okay, that’s it. We’re doing this my way.” He grabbed my hand almost dragging me along as we left the common area.

I hope you enjoyed this unedited sample. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think. Rent A Bae is now available for preorder here. If you haven’t read the prequel New Year’s Kiss, you can read it here.

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Before I go, I wanted to wish the Dikes a Happy Anniversary. If you haven’t met Amara & Ejike, you should. You can find their story here


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  1. I love this! Can’t wait to read more! Loving the first person point of view. I hope it does become a thing!

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